Health Tests

Here at Ulverstone Nutritional Health we have a wide range of testing available


Collection methods change for different tests, these include:




Fecal matter

Blood spot

Hair analysis.

Because we are all unique, tests can be a really useful way of discovering what’s happening in the body at a biochemical level, tests examine deficiencies, imbalances, and dysfunctions in the body and can give the practitioner valuable insights into a patient’s personal health picture.

By selecting appropriate tests a practitioner can start to uncover what is happening in the body and help get to the root causes that are producing signs and symptoms of discomfort and disease

NutriPATH - Integrative pathology Services

  • Routine pathology

  • Hormone profiles

  • Thyroid profiles

  • Antibody testing

  • SIBO 

  • Candida

  • Intestinal permeability 

  • Essential mineral analysis

  • Heavy metals

  • Gluten sensitivity 

  • Food allergy testing

Microba - Gut microbiome testing

Most gut microbiome tests look at the good and bad bacteria in your gut.

Gut health has been linked not just to digestive disorders but mental health, immune system health, skin health, and inflammatory markers throughout the body

Naturopathic Services - Hair 500 test

For a complete list of testing available from NutriPATH or for more information regarding different testing methods, availability, or pricing please don't hesitate to get in touch