This policy outlines the guidelines to ensuring all client information is kept private and confidential. This clinic is dedicated to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the proper handling and confidentiality of all client information. This includes collection, use and disclosure, security and storage, and the destruction or de-identifying of data that is no longer required.


  • Only collect personal information that is necessary for the function of the treatment being provided

  • The client should be informed about the type of information that needs to be collected and how it will be used

  • Ensure all client information is accurate and up to date

  • All client files are to be treated as private and confidential and should only be used in ways the client would expect and has consented to

  • All client files must be kept secure and protected from misuse and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure

  • Client files are not to be left where they can be viewed by others

  • Client files must be kept in a lockable filing cabinet or under password protection

  • No client files are to be removed from the premises

  • This clinic will not use or disclose identifiers assigned by government agencies

  • This clinic will destroy or permanently de-identify client information that is no longer required

  • Client files will only be disclosed to a third party with expressed client consent or if subject to court order or in the case of a serious identifiable risk to a third party

  • Clients are allowed access to their files without reasonable delay and are allowed to update or amend their files where necessary